Hello, we are Tohar and we imagined the product Showair.

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TOHAR is a Parisian company founded in 2016 by Jonathan Aknin,
, truly committed to the environment cause.

Our business?

To provide the fastest and quickest solution to your biggest problems related to climate change. We aim to considerably reduce the number of particles circulating in our air, whilst conserving energy.

Our solution ?

Showair, our product, is the most cutting-edge product of our generation. Economic, sophisticated, intelligent and durable.

Our mission ?

To revolutionise public lighting in cities and towns worldwide, whilst purifying the air around us thanks to our complementary autonomous system. Our system can reach inaccessible and isolated areas.

The values we hold dear.

Tohar for cities 2.0

Both our ethics and professionalism are the most important values of our business. When it comes down to the future of our cities 2.0, we innovation is our top priority. We hope to sensitize the population to environmental issues.

A commited team

Conscious of the impact of pollution, especially of fine particles on public health, we place importance on respect for the environment and aim to protect our environment daily.

Preserving our future generations

Improving air quality, preserves the future of our generations, our children. The safety of our towns and in particularly the roads which use public lighting are of primary importance, and our objective is to put our efforts into improving the quality of life in urban cities.

We are a team of 10, working in harmony

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Jonathan Aknin
CEO/Founder de Tohar

Following on from Business studies at ISG Paris I continued to do a master’s in marketing and Business. Throughout my studies I had the opportunity to experience many exchange programs in Asia, mostly in China (Shanghai, Pekin and Hong Kong), Japan (Tokyo) and in the United States (New York). After an internship at the end of my studies, and with my master’s obtained, I decided to stay in this country which fascinated me. The level of pollution led me to become truly conscious of the impact fine particles have on our health and wellbeing. May years later, following on from my return to Paris, I decided to create my own business committed to environmental causes.

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David Dadoun
Commercial Director & Project Leader

After graduating in in International Business and Finance from ESG Finance Paris, with a double honours in Finance and International Business, I then decided to do a Master’s in Business Management at IUBE Pekin. Years later, on my return to Paris, I decided to undertake a challenge which put me on a professional and personal path. Following an MBA in international Sales Management at ESG Executive Education. Passionate about solutions from the CleanTech, it was at this point that the idea for the Showair product was born.

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Morgane Tubiana
Designer/Chef de projet

Diplômée en quatrième année de design global, à LISAA Paris, en tant que Major de Promotion, j'ai ensuite suivi un Master II de design global, avec une spécialisation en design de services et design connecté dans cette même école. Très concernée par les questions environnementales et férue de nouvelles technologies, mon objectif est de créer de nouvelles opportunités qui feront évoluer notre quotidien, toujours en mettant l’usager et l’usage au cœur de mes réflexions. Chez Tohar, je m’occupe du design produit et de services, de la direction artistique, de l’UI, et du management d’équipe. Tous ces domaines me permettent d’avoir une vision globale de l'entreprise ce qui m’enrichit personnellement au fur à mesure que Tohar évolue.

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Nathanel Hanouna
Graphic Designer

After graduating in in 3D graphics from Studio Mercier, with a specialistion in 3D animation and image composition, I was interested in various areas before finally becoming part of the TOhar team. Passionate about 3D animation, my goal is to acquire experience and contribute to the project through 3D animation and creating videos. Tohar has allowed me to discover industry design and the startup companies in the French way, which is incredibly enriching on a daily basis.

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Anais Lopez
Communications and Marketing Manager

After graduating in European studies for Marketing from ISCG Paris, I continued on to do a Masters in the Science of Management Digital and Strategic. After various experiences both in big international groups as well as start-ups, I joined Tohar, where I am responsible for marketing and communication. It is with great passion and enthusiasm that I take on the challenge with Showair: to purify city air all over the world, replacing an existing device, with one which is intelligent, efficient and committed to safeguarding the environment.

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Thomas Besnault
Mechanical Engineer

After gaining a diploma in Business Studies from Filiere MPSI PSI Business School, I went on to University of Technology of Compiégne to study Mechanical Engineering MARS (Mechanics, Actuators, Robotics, Systems. At Tohar, I am responsible for mechatronic area, robotics, advising the developers in regard to which platforms they use. This is my first experience in a start-up company which is both a great learn opportunity and inherently rewarding. It is with genuine interest enthusiasm that I undertake this adventure, not just from a business perspective, but as a citizen.

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Quang Minh Tran
Mechanical Engineer

Fours years after moving from Vietnam to France in order to study, I joined the Compiegne University of Technology to do my master’s degree in Mechanical engineering (MARS, Mechanics, Actuators, Robotics, Systems). During the first year of my master’s degree, I did my internship at Tohar, and closely followed the evolution and development of the Showair product. Incredibly concerned about the level of air pollution in Asia, I returned to Tohar without any hesitation, fully committed to the cause and this adventure.

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Paul Pascal
Développeur Full Stack

Currently a first-year student of Mastere Expertise Mobile and IoT at Ingesup, I am doing an alternating internship at o reinforce my technical skills whilst putting them into practice at Minthe. The Tohar project represents a genuine opportunity especially in regard to my interest in high-tech and ecology. I am responsible for dealing with all technical computer requirements for the company. Website creation and maintenance, and the development of mobile applications. My objective is for users of the platform to become familiar with the ecological issues we face and notably the air pollution in our cities.

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Étienne Gobion
Full Stack Developer

Currently a first-year student at Mastere Expertise Mobile and IoT at Ingesup, I am doing an alternate internship to bring a third dimension to the web development knowledge I gained at Minthe. I am responsible for all of the IT requests of the company: Website creation and maintenance, and the development of mobile applications. My objective is for the data collected via Showair to be available and accessible to our citizens.


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